Got Alarm System Home!

OK, I must say this is just awesome! I got my alarm system home a week ago and it has already paid for itself. Now I will explain…

See I always thought home alarms were for just inside, or better said for the door alarms, window alarms and maybe a motion detector or two. I also thought it was a pain in the rear to arm the darn thing. Hence why I never had a house alarm… You know me, I follow the KISS rule, Keep It Simple Stupid! Then I met with this guy in my area, OK I admit he was cute, but he also showed me some stuff that made home alarms seem not so bad.

For example I have a remote that connects straight to my alarm system home keypad and turns it on when I leave the house. It even has a panic button. I feel like I have a life alert alternative going on, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up! Send help!” Seriously though it is kind of nice to have just in case, I can be clumsy at times.

But back to the point at hand, how as it paid for itself? For that I must go back a few months. I had sod installed at my house, irrigation the whole 9 yards. The yard looked great for about 5 months then yellow spots starting popping up. I used fertilizer, tried water, tried not watering, you name it, nothing worked. And worse more were coming up all over the place. Now please don’t think badly of me but I was ticked! I spent A LOT of money on this stuff and it was dying!

When they put in my house security system they also put in home security cameras. With these I found out what those spots were! My neighbor was letting his dog out to do it’s “business” in my yard!!! I obviously confronted him about it and of course he denied everything, typical! BUT I have it on video! So now he can either replace my sod that his dog has ruined himself or I just take my video to court and then he will pay to have my sod replaced and possibly get me a new car… you know I love to drive!

I am not cold hearted, but I do take pride in myself and my home, any damage is taken as a personal assault. Guess that will teach him huh!