Home Alarms

Well a single girl can never be too careful. But the more I think about it if you have a family, kids, you probably have more to keep safe than someone like me. Of course I have my Coach bags, and stuff like that but those things can all be replaced. Then you have the complication of being able to remember to set it. See not having kids I don’t have to remember much and often I forget my own keys when I leave the house, so how could house security sink in?

Then this really cute guy came by and told me some more. Yes, I know I should have been able to listen to anyone, but a cute guy always catches my attention! He told me some things that I never knew. Things like there is now a remote to activate your door alarms, window alarms, and motion detectors. It even has a panic button. Kind of like your car alarm where you can set it off by hitting the red button. You can do the same thing with your home alarm now. Who knew!

The alarm alert from the home alarm systems sends information directly to the people that can come to help. I love having everything nice and simple, and in this case it was even cheap! Not that what I got was cheap, but it will definitely leave me some extra to do what I really love, shop and drive, or drive to where I can shop! You would be surprised how cheap the coverage is for a home alarm system, mine is less per month than it costs to fill up my gas tank! AND I got the alarm equipment free!