Got Alarm System Home!

OK, I must say this is just awesome! I got my alarm system home a week ago and it has already paid for itself. Now I will explain…

See I always thought home alarms were for just inside, or better said for the door alarms, window alarms and maybe a motion detector or two. I also thought it was a pain in the rear to arm the darn thing. Hence why I never had a house alarm… You know me, I follow the KISS rule, Keep It Simple Stupid! Then I met with this guy in my area, OK I admit he was cute, but he also showed me some stuff that made home alarms seem not so bad.

For example I have a remote that connects straight to my alarm system home keypad and turns it on when I leave the house. It even has a panic button. I feel like I have a life alert alternative going on, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up! Send help!” Seriously though it is kind of nice to have just in case, I can be clumsy at times.

But back to the point at hand, how as it paid for itself? For that I must go back a few months. I had sod installed at my house, irrigation the whole 9 yards. The yard looked great for about 5 months then yellow spots starting popping up. I used fertilizer, tried water, tried not watering, you name it, nothing worked. And worse more were coming up all over the place. Now please don’t think badly of me but I was ticked! I spent A LOT of money on this stuff and it was dying!

When they put in my house security system they also put in home security cameras. With these I found out what those spots were! My neighbor was letting his dog out to do it’s “business” in my yard!!! I obviously confronted him about it and of course he denied everything, typical! BUT I have it on video! So now he can either replace my sod that his dog has ruined himself or I just take my video to court and then he will pay to have my sod replaced and possibly get me a new car… you know I love to drive!

I am not cold hearted, but I do take pride in myself and my home, any damage is taken as a personal assault. Guess that will teach him huh!

Home Alarm Systems

Home alarms have become not just for the rick. They are now a way of life. It still amazes me how quickly things become part of our society that we just never expected. Home alarm systems are a great example of this. When I was young (not that I am old now!) but anyway, when I was in Jr. High my parents got their first home alarm. It was definitely not fancy by any stretch but we were the interesting family on the block for a while. Then it seemsed like everyone else started to get them rather quickly.

Now it seems like very house has to have an alarm system of some sort, or you are just asking to be robbed. One in Six houses will be affected by something that the alarm systems watch for in the next 5 years. That is pretty scary. Being a single, fun loving woman I sometimes wonder what would happen to me if someone broke in. My first thought follows what would they take? Could I replace it? Then I wonder even worse, what if I was asleep in the house when they came?

Door alarms and window alarms let off a faint ding when they are opened with some settings but I sleep like a rock, that little ding won’t wake me up. But now they have all these different settings so it will sound a full on alarm if someone opens my window or door in the middle of the night!

The other advantage is that if the alarm is triggered it automatically call the home monitoring group so I get help called without having to find the phone and dial 911. Overall having the alarm just makes me feel more comfortable which in turn gives me a better night’s sleep and we all know a woman needs her beauty rest!

Home Alarms

Well a single girl can never be too careful. But the more I think about it if you have a family, kids, you probably have more to keep safe than someone like me. Of course I have my Coach bags, and stuff like that but those things can all be replaced. Then you have the complication of being able to remember to set it. See not having kids I don’t have to remember much and often I forget my own keys when I leave the house, so how could house security sink in?

Then this really cute guy came by and told me some more. Yes, I know I should have been able to listen to anyone, but a cute guy always catches my attention! He told me some things that I never knew. Things like there is now a remote to activate your door alarms, window alarms, and motion detectors. It even has a panic button. Kind of like your car alarm where you can set it off by hitting the red button. You can do the same thing with your home alarm now. Who knew!

The alarm alert from the home alarm systems sends information directly to the people that can come to help. I love having everything nice and simple, and in this case it was even cheap! Not that what I got was cheap, but it will definitely leave me some extra to do what I really love, shop and drive, or drive to where I can shop! You would be surprised how cheap the coverage is for a home alarm system, mine is less per month than it costs to fill up my gas tank! AND I got the alarm equipment free!

Alarm Home System

OK it is official, the world has gone mad. Did you know that in the next six years, 1 in 5 homes will fall victim to robbery, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning? That number is awfully high! And on top of that, the economy has taken a massive downturn as we know so personally I think these numbers will be higher. The need for home alarms is on the rise.

We are all inundated with the need for security for our identity, but what about home security? Home alarms started quite a while ago, ADT is the most known but by far not the only company providing home alarm systems anymore. The alarm system home versions are also becoming more and more advanced. When I was growing up we had door alarms and window alarms. (This made sneaking out virtually impossible as well as protecting us at night, I remember that ding well!)

Now the standard house alarm has not only the door and windows, but also motion detectors, home security camera systems, and home video security. The uses for the alarm home system has changed as well. It is not enough to just know that something happened, you must be able to defend it in courts. This can range from the neighbor’s dog using the restroom on your yard and destroying your sod that cost thousands, or it could mean having a picture of the person who broke into your home. Another use for the home security surveillance a little closer to home is that it is being used as a life alert alternative. They are providing “panic buttons” that allow you to call for help immediately if you ever need it.

Personally I like how easy arming the system has gotten. With a simple press of the remote control you arm the system. Just like your car. I am not big on setting the keypad when I leave but I can remember to click the lock button on my alarm.

House Security

Security is becoming more and more important in today’s economy. Home alarms are quickly becoming a necessity not just a luxury. But now it seems with so many home alarm systems that there is an added benefit to getting one of these burglar systems. Simply put with all the competition there is a greater place for you to get a great deal. The three top companies are ADT, Brinks home security, and Monitronics. All of these have 3 year contracts but they are all competing for your business. So how does this help you? Lets look 🙂

At one time the only thing offered were door alarms and window alarms, now there are home security cameras, alarm alert calling you when the alarm goes off, motion detectors, home video security, and even a new life alert alternative. The alarm home system is getting more high tech every day! You can even set it off with a remote control instead of using the keypad.

So how do all these things help you? Simple, use their competition against them. If you have an alarm now you can change companies and save $5-10 and sometimes more per month, without changing anything. Or you can upgrade your service and get video or motion detectors where you didn’t have them before. Did you know that the keypads are interchangeable? This means if you like what you have now, you can get cheaper rates by simply switching out the keypad. Service is the same throughout and sometimes even go to the same call centers, the only difference you will see is a lower bill. Why? Because these other companies want your next contract.

We found out when we lowered our bill by $10 per month. I like having an extra $120 and my husband likes that I have a panic button that I can use if there is ever a problem where help will be called immediately.